Septic Systems for New Homes – an Untapped Market for Installers?

Nationwide, there’s an aggressive push to phase out cesspools and older septic solutions in favor of newer, more eco-friendly options. This campaign is especially pronounced in Hawaii, which hopes to replace all 90,000 of its cesspools by 2050. However, similar initiatives exist from coast-to-coast.

As a septic system installer, this is great news since more upgrades mean more business.

But there’s a huge opportunity that isn’t receiving nearly as much attention.

Not only is demand for septic system

The EnviroFin Septic Solution Officially Coming to Hawaii

septic system in hawaii

First launched in New England, the EnviroFin® Septic System is one of the most robust passive onsite wastewater treatment systems on the market. And as more homeowners and businesses discover the financial, environmental, and maintenance advantages of this patented septic technology, EnviroFin’s popularity has continued to spread nationwide.

And this growing interest isn’t just limited to the continental United States.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how the EnviroFin® Septic System would soon be coming to Hawaii. …