NexGen Septic System Products

NexGen Septic System Products

NexGen Septic System Products

As a company at the forefront of innovative water treatment solutions, NexGen Septics provides some of the market’s most innovative septic system products. Let’s look closer at a few of the products that have established us a key player in eco-friendly septic systems for municipal, commercial, and residential applications.


EnviroFin is an inexpensive, easy-to-install, low-maintenance septic system solution that stands as one of the most cost-effective wastewater solutions currently on the market. Whereas the other Alternative Treatment Units available utilize mechanical devices and consume a considerable amount of electricity, EnviroFin’s passive, non-mechanical filtration for wastewater treatment and dispersal operates at a far more economical level in terms of install cost and ongoing maintenance/repairs.

The EnviroFin’s 10-stage treatment process confirms this system’s incredible durability, with the process being repeated over and over with close to zero maintenance needed once the EnviroFin is up and running. Comprised of just five core components, EnviroFin is one of the simplest water treatment solutions ever conceived, and yet its groundbreaking design positions it as an effective system for a huge variety of applications. In fact, EnviroFin’s simplicity renders it especially effective for tough projects such as those in difficult environments or with a zero lot line.

EnviroFin surpasses the water treatment standards established by NSF/ANSI 40, which is no surprise considering that it treats effluent by using passive cleaning technology and naturally-occurring bacteria. The system has already been green-lighted for Maine, Alabama, and New Hampshire, and is already running in California.

Advanced Enviro-Septic System

Similar to EnviroFin, the Advanced Enviro-Septic System from NexGen Septics is adaptable to a variety of needs across commercial, residential, and municipal sectors. And like EnviroFin, this progressive solution utilizes naturally-occurring bacteria to decontaminate effluent before releasing it back into the soil and into the water table.

For evidence of the Advanced Enviro-Septic System’s unparalleled cost-effectiveness, consider that a standard water treatment solution takes 2 – 7 days to install, whereas the Advanced Enviro-Septic System can be setup in as little as eight hours. And while standard solutions almost always require ongoing maintenance (and by extension, ongoing investment), with the Advanced Enviro-Septic System you don’t have to worry about maintenance or monthly fees, or electrical and additives for that matter. The result is an actual cost that’s less than half the expense of a standard water treatment system.

Simple yet sophisticated, the Advanced Enviro-Septic System provides superior longevity and durability while removing up to 99% of wastewater contaminants.

De-Nyte Denitrification System

Water sources are always susceptible to harmful contaminants like nitrates, which can make water unfit for drinking or cleaning. And if left untreated, a large accumulation of nitrates can permanently compromise a water source and kill off any aquatic life residing within. Given these dangers, municipalities that depend on local water sources have strict rules regarding new construction and septic treatment tables located near these waterways.

With the De-Nyte Denitrification System, communities now have a solution for reducing nitrates in treated wastewater and runoff by up to 97%, thereby preserving these vital water sources and protecting precious aquifer for posterity. The system is installed completely underground, and once running requires virtually no maintenance. Its cutting-edge design allows builders to safely engage construction projects in areas that would normally overreach local jurisdictions, and De-Nyte’s affordability makes it a primary candidate for wastewater treatment experts seeking an effective, inexpensive solution for their clients.

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In September 2009, Advanced Enviro-Septic®…became the first product of its kind to receive Standard 40 Class I Certification from NSF International…and getting Standard 40 Class I Certification is a big deal; systems are tested for at least six months, following NSF protocol and must achieve exceptional effluent quality. Stephen Hochbrunn, NEIWPCC, Interstate Water Report, Fall 2010