Town of Paradise - Can a Septic Solution Be Found?

Town of Paradise - Can a Septic Solution Be Found?

Already in its 5th straight year of record droughts, California is no stranger to water-related problems. The state continues to explore a number of innovative ways to conserve this limited resource and reduce overall consumption.

But there’s an equally bigger problem already brewing under the surface.


California’s Wastewater Crisis – at a Glance

Throughout California, there are more than 2.7 million septic treatment systems that are either failing or inadequate.

In a state with nearly 40 million residents, this is an incredibly serious issue:

  • Insufficiently treated effluent can contaminate aquifers, making the water no longer suitable for human use. And this is happening precisely at a time when Californians need to protect potable H2O the most.
  • Contaminated aquifers can also disrupt agriculture, mining, and other industries that are heavily dependent on properly treated water.
  • Endangered ecosystems and local habitats are becoming even more jeopardized than they already are.

The above is especially worrisome in California’s most rural counties. These areas of the state typically have the least reliable access to properly treated water – particularly as septic system failures continue to become the norm.

Take Paradise, CA for example.

Wastewater Relief Options in Paradise

Despite having only 26,000 residents, Paradise is the largest municipality west of the Mississippi without a proper sewer system.* To combat this issue, some area residents began investing in their own on-site septic solutions – a strategy that offered limited, localized relief.

So, city organizers have realized that Paradise desperately needs an up to date septic system that is able to properly treat wastewater.

In fact, the situation is so bad that people are leaving the City of Paradise:

  • Some local businesses have closed their operations or decided to take extended vacations because of the wastewater issues.
  • By 2020, if a septic system has failed and the business owner is unable to build a new system, their business and property value essentially become worth $0 as neither can be resold.

City officials began exploring the possibility of linking their municipal wastewater pipes with those of a plant 19 miles away in Chico, CA – the largest city within the greater metropolitan area. But this strategy would cost an estimated $100 million in taxpayer money if not more.

So the leaders of Paradise reached out to California-based NexGen Septics – a leading provider of on-site wastewater treatment solutions.

After carefully analyzing the situation, NexGen Septics decided to design a septic treatment system capable of handling the large-flow needs of the entire municipality at their own property only 3.5 miles away with a projected cost of roughly $25 million.

To accomplish this, NexGen Septics is looking to install a series of Advanced Enviro-Septic® treatment systems strategically placed throughout the city in a “cluster” or “STEP” arrangement.

The system’s initial size would be able to handle one million gallons per day. And with the Advanced Enviro-Septic®, the size could easily be increased over time as the city grows with new businesses and homes. On top of that, NexGen Septic’s solution can be provided at 1/3 cost of the Chico option.

NexGen Septics would use the Advanced Enviro-Septic® system because it:

  • Uses passive filtration and bacterial ecosystems to remove up to 99% of all wastewater contaminants.
  • Is an infinitely scalable septic solution, making it ideal for both smaller projects and municipal-sized wastewater treatment solutions.
  • Is affordable to install and even more affordable to maintain. With no moving parts or electricity requirements, Advanced Enviro-Septic® rarely needs servicing, repairs, or upgrades.

As a result of this, Paradise will benefit from treated water that doesn’t negatively impact the underlying soil or aquifer. Moreover, this investment will cost a fraction of what Paradise would pay if connecting to Chico’s wastewater system.

If your own city is facing similar water treatment challenges, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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