De-Nyte® Denitrification System

De-Nyte Denitrification System (COMING SOON)

Harmful contaminants like nitrates can render water sources unsuitable for drinking, cleaning, and recreation. In large enough quantities, these nitrates can even kill off aquatic life and make surrounding waterways permanently unusable.


Because of these risks, many jurisdictions restrict how closely developers can build properties to surface waters, shorelines, and other endangered waterways. There are also strict guidelines governing septic treatment systems that are in close proximity to aquifers and water tables.

Developed by Presby Environmental, Inc., the De-Nyte® denitrification system is a proven method for reducing harmful nitrates in treated wastewater and runoff.

Thanks to its patented design, the De-Nyte® product can benefit residents who are dependent on nearby waterways and can help to protect endangered aquifers for future generations.

This innovative denitrification solution is especially effective when installed directly underneath the Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) treatment system offered by NexGen Septics, in which:

  • An array of De-Nyte® cells are placed below the Advanced Enviro-Septic system.
  • The De-Nyte® cells capture and passively treat contaminated wastewater using a carbon source.
  • Toxic nitrates are converted into harmless nitrogen before being safely released into the atmosphere.
  • Freshly treated water is released into the surrounding soil.

The Advantages of Using the De-Nyte® Denitrification System’s Treatment Technology

The primary benefit of the De-Nyte® denitrification system is that it uses passive treatment technology to reduce nitrate buildup by up to 97%. There are no harmful chemicals involved during the cleaning process. As such, the De-Nyte® product represents an environmentally friendly method for treating water and protecting endangered resources.

However, the benefits of the De-Nyte® cell’s treatment technology don’t stop there:

  • This solution allows builders to erect residential and commercial properties along protected shorelines and other regulated areas that might normally be closed off for development.
  • The De-Nyte® product is extremely affordable, allowing wastewater treatment professionals to offer inexpensive but effective treatment solutions to their clients.
  • Once installed, the De-Nyte® denitrification system requires almost zero maintenance. This only further reduces the long-term costs of using this financially attractive denitrification option.
  • Thanks to its passive treatment technology, the De-Nyte® denitrification system is incredibly easy to operate. It truly is a “set it and forget it” approach to wastewater treatment.
  • The De-Nyte® denitrification system won’t disrupt the natural beauty of any surrounding terrain since the system is installed entirely underground and out of sight.
De-Nyte Diagram

Want to See the De-Nyte® in the Field?

The chart below illustrates how effective this denitrification solution truly is. When installed as a test project in Stoke, Canada, De-Nyte® denitrification system successfully reduced nitrate levels to 1.09 mg/L. This is well within the regulated range of acceptable drinking standards for treated water (10 mg/L).

Tested Item Septic Tank Effluent After Enviroseptic
and De-Nyte®
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 125 mg/L 2.31 mg/L
E-Coli 3,091,000/100 mL <10 per 100 mL
Carbonaceous Oxygen Demand (COD) 441 mg/L 15.81 mg/L
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) 172 mg/L 2.31 mg/L
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) 45 mg/L 0.91 mg/L
Amonium NH4 27 mg/L <0.5 mg/L
Phosphorus 5 mg/L <0.36 mg/L
Nitrites & Nitrates NO2, NO3 33.92 mg/L* <1.09 mg/L

The De-Nyte® denitrification system will be manufactured in late 2017 and will be ready soon.

To learn more about the De-Nyte® denitrification system, contact us today for a free consultation.

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