Septic System in
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Víctor Hernández Building

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Septic System Background

The Víctor Hernández Building is an elderly housing complex located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Due to poor soil conditions and a recently failed chamber system, the assisted-living facility had to pump its wastewater holding tank every week. As a result, the Víctor Hernández Building began looking for an alternative septic system solution that could properly treat effluent while still maintaining the permeability and integrity of the surrounding soil.

In addition, the elderly housing complex wanted a wastewater treatment septic system that:

  • Was affordable to install and maintain.
  • Used passive filtration technology in a small footprint.

Provided treatment of wastewater containing pharmaceutical components.

Septic System Solution

The Víctor Hernández Building ultimately reached out to local wastewater management firm, Sani-Plant, to help with its septic system upgrade.

Sani-Plant explored a number of competing options before settling on Presby Environmental’s Advanced Enviro-Septic® treatment septic system. Certified by both the US National Sanitation Foundation to Standard 40 and Quebec’s Bureau de Normalisation (BNQ), the Advanced Enviro-Septic® system is a water treatment technology that combines both treatment and dispersal in one small footprint.

In collaboration with Presby Environmental, Sani-Plant designed a septic solution capable of treating up to 6,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

Sani-Plant also added an additional septic tank that included the Presby Maze® septic tank insert in order to increase retention time of the pharmaceutical-laden wastewater, allowing the treatment process to be more effective

Septic System Result

Once work began, the total installation took approximately 5 days to complete. Had Sani-Plant chosen a different septic treatment solution, the installation might have been significantly larger. But thanks to the Advanced Enviro-Septic® system’s compact design and highly efficient treatment technology, the project only required 2,600 feet of pipe in a butterfly configuration.

Instead of installing multiple treatment beds around the facility, the Víctor Hernández Building only needed one bed totaling 5,609 ft² (39 ½ ft x 142 ft) with an application rate of 1.07 gpm/ft². This allowed the facility to conserve limited real estate, without having to commission costly excavations or landscaping.

In addition, the Víctor Hernández Building was able to save money upfront due to Advanced Enviro-Septic® system’s low installation cost. Because of the technology’s passive filtration and lack of moving parts, the facility is also able to avoid many of the ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional wastewater treatment solutions.

Moreover, the Víctor Hernández Building no longer has to pump its holding tank on a weekly basis, thus, saving the facility even more money.

The nursing home now benefits from highly treated wastewater whose environmental impact on the underlying soil and surrounding waterways is negligible. The facility’s residents and neighbors also face significantly less exposure to contaminants and pharmaceuticals that might normally remain untreated using conventional septic alternatives.

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