Septic System Testimonials

I have installed 7 AES systems, I have 1 were doing next week. I will be installing 3 Enviro Fin® systems in the coming weeks. These are impressive systems. Installations is not a problem and is very cost effective. Brent Phillips, Phillips Environmental, Inc.
We are a large septic system design company located in Central New Hampshire. Since 1995 we have designed over 800 commercial and residential Enviro-Septic® systems. We have yet to experience a problem with a single installation. David Ames, Designer, Ames Associates, Meredith, New Hampshire
Not only was the Presby system easy to install and saved me $25,000.00, the service provided by the dealer was superior. When called or emailed, the NexGen staff will return your call or email within minutes. Their service and support has been excellent and I appreciate their help and assistance in the installation. When it came time for me to install the system, they came over and brought help to show me how to install the system. The whole installation of the piping took about 2 hours. Lance even brought his tractor and helped me cover the system. I give these guys my highest recommendations (and I'm not easy on people)..... David Matthews, Browns Valley, CA
Reinstallation went perfectly with NexGen's assistance. I did exactly everything I propose to do and
in a totally professional manner. They have been easily accessible and readily available to assist in the
process of installation when needed.
Gene Graves, Granite Bay, CA
They were very respectful and upfront about all the information I requested. They gave me an estimate based on what I told them within 15 minutes. They also noted that this estimate may change depending on Engineering and County Requirements that could effect the system's size and or Design. They also came out and looked at my septic tank and found out it was leaking. They helped me save nearly $600 for a new septic tank and thousands on my system. I couldn't be any happier with a Company that is straight forward and gives customers like myself the honest truth and sticking to it!! Homeowner, Grass Valley, CA
The first installation went in pretty quick, the second was even easier, by the third, the entire crew said, ‘Don’t design anything else!’ After 15 years, our customers are 100% satisfied. Larry Rexford, NH Licensed Designer & Installer Wendell Rexford & Sons Construction, Inc.
Very well, great service and provided product and support for design. Shell MacPherson, Granite Bay, CA
In September 2009, Advanced Enviro-Septic®…became the first product of its kind to receive Standard 40 Class I Certification from NSF International…and getting Standard 40 Class I Certification is a big deal; systems are tested for at least six months, following NSF protocol and must achieve exceptional effluent quality. Stephen Hochbrunn, NEIWPCC, Interstate Water Report, Fall 2010

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Very well, great service and provided product and support for design. Shell MacPherson, Granite Bay, CA