Nationwide, there’s an aggressive push to phase out cesspools and older septic solutions in favor of newer, more eco-friendly options. This campaign is especially pronounced in Hawaii, which hopes to replace all 90,000 of its cesspools by 2050. However, similar initiatives exist from coast-to-coast.

As a septic system installer, this is great news since more upgrades mean more business.

But there’s a huge opportunity that isn’t receiving nearly as much attention.

Not only is demand for septic system retrofits on the rise, but there’s also growing demand for wastewater treatment solutions for newly constructed homes. In many ways, this market is even more promising since new installations are faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional retrofits are.

And these benefits are greatly amplified if you choose the right septic system technology.

Why Every New Home Should Come with Advanced Enviro-Septic®

Advanced Enviro-Septic® is already one of the most robust wastewater treatment solutions on the market. Unlike conventional septic systems, it uses passive treatment technology to decontaminate effluent before dispersing water back into the underlying soil.

And because of Advanced Enviro-Septic’s unique design, there are:

  • No moving parts. This means less wear & tear and fewer maintenance costs.
  • No chemical additives. As a result, there is less contamination risk since toxins never seep into aquifers or waterways.
  • No power supply. The treatment process is passive – eliminating the need for any external energy source.

And most importantly, the Advanced Enviro-Septic® removes up to 99% of wastewater contaminants – all for a fraction of what one would spend on a traditional septic solution.

The above are all user-side benefits. And as an installer, you can market these advantages to current homeowners looking to upgrade their systems.

But this powerful septic solution offers important benefits to installers as well.

Installer-Side Benefits of the Advanced Enviro-Septic®

As a septic system contractor or engineer, the Advanced Enviro-Septic® offers unparalleled installation ease, with most projects taking only 8 to 12 hours – instead of the standard 2 to 7 days for alternative treatment solutions

Advanced Enviro-Septic’s compact design also makes it easy to work around spatial constraints – as this residential septic system case study from Granite Bay, CA highlights.

And this was a standard septic system retrofit for an existing single-family residence.

When installing this wastewater treatment solution in a new home, there are even fewer spatial constraints and limitations. As a result, it’s possible to reduce the total installation time even further when working with a clean slate.

The photo gallery below highlights how streamlined the installation process can be during the actual construction phase. Note how little excavation is required for a project of this size.

After all, what homebuilder doesn’t want to deliver a finished project under budget and ahead of schedule? As an added bonus, installing Advanced Enviro-Septic® can actually boost the property value of that home – resulting in a higher return on investment for the developer.

To learn more about the benefits of installing Advanced Enviro-Septic® for new residential properties, contact us today for a free consultation.