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The EnviroFin Septic Solution Officially Coming to Hawaii

First launched in New England, the EnviroFin® Septic System is one of the most robust passive onsite wastewater treatment systems on the market. And as more homeowners and businesses discover the financial, environmental, and maintenance advantages of this patented septic technology, EnviroFin’s popularity has continued to spread nationwide.

And this growing interest isn’t just limited to the continental United States.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how the EnviroFin® Septic System would soon be coming to Hawaii. And after receiving the green light earlier this year, we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched in the Aloha State as of February 2018.

Given all that’s happening in Hawaii at the moment, the timing of this Pacific launch couldn’t be better.

Why Hawaii Needs the EnviroFin® Septic System

Across the country, states are beginning to phase out the use of traditional cesspools and older septic systems. And nowhere is this decommissioning more pronounced than in Hawaii – a relatively small state with surprisingly large waste management challenges.

Outdated cesspools not only continue to threaten drinking water for local residents, but they’ve also started to chip away at the state’s primary source of revenue – i.e. tourism.

And already, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started doling out hefty fines to those who continue to use antiquated septic and cesspool solutions.

To avoid these penalties, protect their citizens, and safeguard the tourism industry, Hawaii is now engaged in an aggressive push to upgrade its current waste management infrastructure with greener and more sustainable alternatives.

By 2050, in fact, the state hopes to phase out all 90,000 of its cesspools that have been identified.

And this is precisely where the EnviroFin® Septic System comes in.

Using a passive wastewater treatment technology, each EnviroFin® unit is able to transform wastewater into 99.98% contaminate free wastewater – all without relying on toxic chemicals or additives. This treatment process not only benefits area residents and vacationers, but it also protects waterways that might normally become contaminated using traditional septic systems or cesspools.

The ecological benefits of EnviroFin® are very clear.

But does it make financial sense to install this septic technology?

Hawaii Will Help Subsidize Your Septic System Upgrade

By mid-century, every residential, commercial, and municipal property throughout the state will need to replace its current cesspool with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

That’s a pretty large (and potentially expensive) undertaking.

The good news is that EnviroFin® is already more affordable than most traditional septic solutions. This is especially true when you factor in the maintenance and upkeep costs associated with non-passive septic technologies.

But there’s even better news.

The Hawaiian government is now offering generous incentives to help with this statewide transition. Under Act 120, the EnviroFin® qualifies for tax credits that can further drive down the already low cost of this powerful septic technology. Each septic system upgrade or replacement is eligible for up to $10,000 in tax relief, making EnviroFin® one of the most cost-effective secondary wastewater treatment technologies on the market.

To learn more about our upcoming Hawaii launch – or to ask questions about the EnviroFin® Septic System – schedule a free consultation with us today.