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Septic Systems Hawaii

The EnviroFin® Septic System is competitively priced in Hawaii – especially for a passive septic solution with no mechanical parts, no maintenance or additives, and a smaller footprint.

Septic Systems in Hawaii

​Traditional septic solutions are often expensive to buy. But they’re even more expensive to own given all the “hidden” costs associated with maintenance and upkeep. For example:
  • Most septic systems have moving parts, so it’s not a matter of if your system will break – but when. And these inevitable repairs will cost you time and money.
  • You also have to factor in third-party sampling and inspections typically required of aerobic treatment units. Regardless of where you live in Hawaii, these evaluations are rarely free and are generally required by both the manufacturer and municipality.
  • Regular maintenance is also an expense – whether you invest your own time or hire a professional.
But with the right wastewater treatment technology, it’s possible to reduce or eliminate these hidden costs.

The EnviroFin® Septic Solution Comes to Hawaii

First introduced in New England, the EnviroFin® Septic System is a revolutionary solution that continues to gain attention throughout Hawaii:
  • Each unit uses passive filtration to treat wastewater. With no moving parts or electricity, there is no wear & tear, dramatically reducing the likelihood of breakages and malfunctions.
  • Third-party sampling and inspections aren’t required for standard operation. If you live in a county that mandates these processes, it may be possible to easily get trained to perform the inspections yourself.
  • Because there are no mechanical parts or reliance on electricity, the only ‘routine’ maintenance that must occur is the same of every onsite septic system; simply pumping the septic tank on an as-needed basis (generally every 3-5 years).
The environment also benefits due to the unique design of the EnviroFin® Septic System. Because of its passive treatment technology, no chemicals, additives, or toxins are ever required, and there are no breakdowns in performance due to power outages, or broken parts. In addition, the EnviroFin® Septic System is also affordable to install. Thanks to its compact design, the installation process requires far less time and excavation, resulting in an installation that is much easier on the wallet and installation site. Because the system treats and disperses highly treated effluent into the same footprint, it is better for the underlying groundwater and environment in general.

Making an Affordable Septic System Even More Affordable

The EnviroFin® Septic System is competitively priced in Hawaii – especially for a passive septic solution with no mechanical parts, no maintenance or additives, and a smaller footprint. However, with the help of incentives from the Hawaiian government, it’s possible to further drive down the upfront cost of installing each unit. For example, Act 120 provides system owners with a temporary income tax credit (of up to $10,000) for qualifying septic solutions. This initiative is part of Hawaii’s larger push to phase out all 90,000 cesspools across the state by 2050. Homeowners and businesses can use these generous tax credits to help finance their septic system purchases and upgrades. However, this incentive program has a yearly cap of $5 million and an expiration date of 2020. So if you’d like to claim this lucrative tax credit, it’s important that you act quickly – before time and money run out. In addition to these statewide incentives, we also offer special discounts to veterans of the Armed Forces. To learn more about these, be sure to contact us directly.

An Affordable, Powerful, Ecological Septic System Solution

Want to learn more about EnviroFin® Septic Systems in Hawaii? Have questions about incentives and financing? Schedule a free consultation with us today – either by phone (844-544-4242) or by email. Mahalo!