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NexGen Engineering & Consulting is committed to delivering innovative approaches to engineering solutions, to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the environment.

The success of our team lies in our commitment to:

  • Experience – Combined 40+ years in the Engineering industry with a commitment to ongoing education.
  • Quality – Committed to demonstrating excellent quality work at every turn.
  • Safety – Consistently implemented practices with a planned course of action, keeping everyone safe.

We provide innovative approaches to engineering for residential, commercial and government entities.

Specialists In Civil and Septic Engineering

NexGen offers innovative approaches to engineering. We give our clients the highest quality work with the services we provide. Our performance is of the best quality, and we keep our clients satisfied. We provide up-front and personal service to address their needs from day one until the projects is complete. With almost 30 years in the construction industry, we have the resources to offer responsible and cost-effective solutions in an ever-changing world.

Septic System Designs

NexGen offers a wide array of septic system designs to suit our clients’ needs. From a conventional septic tank to a cleaner, more efficient aerobic tank, we’re serving our clients with our water treatment designs. Mound and sand filter systems are available if the soil is inappropriate for a conventional system. In leach field design, we offer the conventional leach field system of pipes, and we also offer the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) chambers in our clients’ designs, making their leach fields smaller, requiring little maintenance. These leach fields are more flexible, managing environmental waste even better than conventional leach fields. Our services are helping us work toward achieving sustainability goals. We are optimizing water resources through water recycling.

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Stormwater Management

The stormwater management services of NexGen help our clients’ developments to control the precipitation runoff that causes harmful effects to streams, rivers, lakes, and other waterways in the environment. Soil is protected from the inundation, and the sediment doesn’t move. We use stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to contain dangerous runoff and protect the environment that’s around us. Using non-structural BMP’s, we use the natural drainage structures all around us. We also use structural BMP’s for stormwater management, including:

  • Infiltration – porous surfaces that contain water over aggregate beds.
  • Restoration – restoring the land, particularly around lakes, riverbeds, and streams.
  • Control – reducing, or stopping altogether, the runoff that comes off an impenetrable surface.

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Water and Sewer Studies

Our water and sewer studies let our clients know if the utilities they are connecting to will be able to accommodate the need of their development. NexGen knows that most of the water and sewer systems in this area were built 50 or more years ago and may be at or near capacity from all of today’s development. The existing sewer and water systems need to be analyzed and the proposed connection point checked. The last thing someone wants is a spill or for there to be low or no water pressure when there’s a fire and the fire hoses are needed. That’s why these water and sewer study services are so necessary. Perhaps there won’t be a need for improvements, but our clients want to be sure. They want their projects to be safe and secure.

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Entitlement and Due Diligence

When NexGen’s clients choose a piece of property they want to develop on, they want to make sure they can develop on that property exactly what they want. They want to know the process for obtaining permits, what is required, and how long it will take. That’s where NexGen’s entitlements and due diligence services come in. Zoning, conditional use permits, and zoning variances come into play. We find out about the land: what’s on it, what’s around it, and what restrictions it has. We let our clients know what that property has to offer. Then, we use our experience to work on getting them the freedom to use the land in the way they choose. The entitlements process is long and difficult with many rules and requirements. We’re here to get them through, so they can start developing on their land the way they want.

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Soil Testing

Before a structure can be built on a piece of property, soil testing must be done by NexGen to determine if the soil is suitable for building. Different kinds of soil have different properties, and the type of soil determines which type of test is done.

  • Moisture Content Test – This test checks for the amount of water in the soil.
  • Specific Gravity of Soil Test – This is a test to determine soil density to water density ratio.
  • Compaction Soil Test – Test to find out the compaction characteristics of soil. Also known as The Proctor Test.
  • Dry Density Test – This is a test of the weight of the particles of soil in a given volume of a sample of soil.
  • Atterberg Limits Test
    • Liquid Limit
    • Plastic Limit
    • Shrinkage Limit

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Grading and Drainage Design

NexGen’s Grading and Drainage design services protect our clients’ developments from flooding and erosion. We control the flow of water across the property and safely guide it onto the landscaping or into a storm drain system, where it travels through a system of pipes until it can be then disposed of in an appropriate manner. We use drainage to move any runoff away from buildings, roads, parking lots, and walkways. Our grading and drainage designs show our clients and their contractors how the earth in their project is supposed to be cut or filled and where drainage elements are placed, and they can read these plans with the confidence that they are correct and thorough.

NexGen’s services are part of a healthy project’s development. With these services, our clients have the tools they need to take their projects to the next level and on from there. Working with us, our clients know they are getting the best services they can for their money. We have the experience necessary to move these projects from the concept stage to the ready-to-build stage. NexGen’s qualified team of experts is putting our know-how to work for our clients every step of the way.

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