Water & Sewer Studies

Water and Sewer Studies

With many years of experience in optimizing water resources through water recycling in California, NexGen is providing innovative approaches to engineering. We bring together the engineering, research, and design in our water and sewer studies to provide the information our clients need to get their projects going the way they want to.

How NexGen Works With Our Clients

Our qualified team stays in touch with our clients every step of the way, so our clients can better plan the phases of their development. NexGen is knowledgeable in planning and is capable of completing large, complex municipal infrastructure projects. This includes new construction and repair projects.

Our clients bring us challenging projects. We seamlessly unite with our clients’ development personnel team to make the project flow completely smoothly from the very beginning to the end. We work together with our clients, staying in communication, so our clients always know what phase we are in with our engineering and design. NexGen prepares our clients’ California water and sewer studies for review by local municipal authorities.

Why Should We Do A Water and Sewer Study?

NexGen provides water and sewer studies that show whether the existing water and sewer utilities can accommodate the impact of a new development. Our clients want their new developments to be well-served by their utilities. The water pressure shouldn’t be low. The capabilities of the utilities need to be known for certain.

Our water and sewer studies will show if the system that our client’s development is connecting to will need updating. We’ll show if the system has the ability to support our client’s proposed project and make sure the water and sewer utilities are adequate for the needs of their customers as well as the existing customers and will provide enough water in the case of a fire event too.

What Information Do I Need in A Water and Sewer Study?

The following criteria are among the required items for a water and sewer study to a municipal authority:

  • A site plan with a listing of the land usage for the project. Some land uses are as follows: residential, commercial, right-of-way, open space, etc.
  • The number of units if the development is for dwelling units, or commercial spaces that are on the site plan
  • The proposed points of connection to the existing water and sewer lines
  • The fire flow requirements from the fire department once they have reviewed the plans

What Do Water and Sewer Studies Tell Us?

NexGen knows that California water and sewer utilities are an important part of our daily life. They help us reach sustainability goals. We need clean water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing clothes, among other things. Most of the water and sewer systems in this area were built fifty years or more ago, when there was less demand on the systems, and they have not been updated since then.

Our studies will determine what any new development will need from these systems. No upgrades may be necessary. If there are, then larger water or water treatment pipes may need to be installed. Perhaps a pump would need to be upsized, or the pumps at the pump stations added to, or water storage tanks need to be added.

There is time and cost involved, but water and sewer studies are crucial and are also required by the local municipalities. If there isn’t enough capacity to handle your new development, there may be problems, such as environmental waste spills or no water available. NexGen wants their clients’ projects to succeed. That’s why we offer water and sewer studies of the caliber we provide.

What’s Involved in A Water Analysis?

NexGen looks at a lot of factors when doing a water analysis. We first take a look at the existing water distribution system and pump station on the waterline the development will be connecting to. Next, we scrutinize the requirement of water storage that is necessary for the development that the client has proposed. The water analysis focuses on the proposed connection point for the project and evaluates whether or not the system has any kind of deficiencies or if any elements of the system may need to be improved. This is how we determine if the proposed development can be served by the California municipality’s water system.

What’s Involved in A Sewer Analysis?

Like in a water analysis, NexGen has numerous things to focus on in a sewer analysis. We start by reviewing the water treatment facility downstream. We’re looking to see if it can take the impact of the proposed project. Next, we look at the proposed connection point, or points, and analyze whether or not that system is presently able to withstand the impact of the client’s proposed development. This system may need improvements before the project can be connected to the municipality’s sewer system. This report determines that and is part of the necessary permitting process.

Is NexGen the Right Company to Do Our Water and Sewer Analysis?

Through NexGen’s commitment to quality, our clients can be certain that they have all the information they need for their project. We leave no stone unturned, and our water and sewer studies are precise. Our clients are taken care of. With our years of experience in California wastewater treatment, we are experienced and ready to create your project’s water and sewer study to your satisfaction.

Our clients have come to expect superior service from us and we don’t disappoint. It’s one of the things we excel at. Our team is a leading provider of excellence in civil engineering services. Without their teamwork, we wouldn’t be able to work on and complete our projects. We rely on the talents, strengths, and efforts of all our team members to put our customers on top. We give the best customer support from day one until the project’s end.

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