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*Septics Quote does not include septic installation cost, septic engineering, sand, perc test, site evaluation, misc piping, permits, etc.

Septic System Cost

Septic System Cost

The NexGen Septic System Cost Guide covers prices for Leach Field, Septic Tanks, Pipes, Permits, Engineering Design, Installation, Maintenance Costs in California.
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Septic System After a Natural Disaster

Your Septic System After a Natural Disaster

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, a residential or commercial septic system may have incurred damage that must be handled properly in order to ensure the safety of people and the
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Septic Systems Rocklin

When Should You Replace Your Septic System?

Curious about septic system lifespan and how to determine when to replace it? The answer depends on the age of your septic system and the nature of the problem that has you
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Proper Ventilation for septic system in California

Why Proper Ventilation is Important for Septic Systems

Proper ventilation is vitally important with any septic systems. Unfortunately, almost every homeowner has at some point smelled the “rotten egg” odor associated with the seeping septic gases that result
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Client Reviews about NexGen Septics

NexGen Customer Testimonial Video

NexGen Customer Testimonial   “We needed to get a new system because we were pumping our septic tank about twice every couple months during the rainy season. We found out
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septic system products

NexGen Septic System Products

As a company at the forefront of innovative water treatment solutions, NexGen Septics provides some of the market’s most innovative septic system products. Let’s look closer at a few of the
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Rocklin Septic System Ditch

Why Only Professionals Should Install a Septic System

DIY projects are all the rage these days, but one job that NexGen Septics does not recommend for DIYers in and around Rocklin is septic system installation. Almost every facet of
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Home Remodel Granite Bay

Adding Four Bedrooms, Doubling the Square Footage

A mandatory onsite system upgrade came with a homeowner’s plans to add four bedrooms to his three-bedroom home in Granite Bay, California, and to expand the footprint from 3,640 to
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Eco Friendly Commercial Septic System California

What Exactly is an “Eco-Friendly” Septic System?

Septic systems have existed for millennia, but we’ve reached a point where an eco-friendly septic system is no longer theoretical, but practical and tangible. So what exactly is an eco-friendly
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septic system in hawaii

The EnviroFin Septic Solution Officially Coming to Hawaii

First launched in New England, the EnviroFin® Septic System is one of the most robust passive onsite wastewater treatment systems on the market. And as more homeowners and businesses discover the financial,
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