EZsnap Risers


The EZsnap Riser is innovatively designed for easy assembly to create a watertight riser system suitable for septic tanks, pump tanks, and cisterns. Its click and lock technology eliminates the need for tools, sealants, or hardware in assembly. The 24” diameter EZsnap Riser comes in 2”, 6”, and 12” heights, with sections that neatly nest together for efficient storage and shipping, offering practicality and convenience for a variety of applications in wastewater management.

System Includes:

• 24″ diameter risers (2″, 6″, or 12″ high)

• 24″ diameter lids

• 24″ diameter adapter rings

• 24″ diameter safety star

• 24″ diameter concrete adapter flange (for precast tanks)


• Easy to assemble

• No tools or adhesive

• Watertight – gasketed connection

• Nest together for efficient shipping

• Available in 2″, 6″, and 12″ heights

• Strong, durable, polypropylene construction

• Available in green or black