IM-Series Potable Water Tank

The Infiltrator IM-Series Potable Water Tanks are designed to be lightweight yet robust and durable. They are unique for their watertight design and come equipped with heavy-duty lids suitable for potable water storage. These tanks, made using advanced injection-molding technology, provide excellent strength and watertightness for long-term use.

They are not intended for areas with vehicular traffic and are specifically designed for non-traffic applications. Available in capacities of 552, 1287, and 1787 gallons, these tanks cater to a range of storage needs.

Size62″W x 65″L x 55″H
(1575 mm x 1651 mm x 1397 mm)
62″W x 127″L x 55″H
(1575 mm x 3226 mm x 1397 mm)
62″W x 176″L x 55″H
(1575 mm x 4460 mm x 1397 mm)
Total Capacity552 gal (2089 L)1287 gal (4872 L)1787 gal (6765 L)
Fiberglass Supports024
Weight191 lbs (87 kg)346 lbs (157 kg)501 (227 kg)


• Strong injection molded polypropylene construction

• NSF/ANSI-61-certified for potable uses

• Lightweight plastic construction and inboard lifting lugs allow for easy delivery and handling

• Integral heavy-duty green lids that interconnect with EZsnap risers and pipe riser solutions

• Structurally reinforced access ports eliminate distortion during installation and pump-outs

• Reinforced structural ribbing and fiberglass bulkheads offer additional strength

• Can be installed with 6″ to 48″ of cover

• Can be pumped dry

• Suitable for use as a potable tank, rainwater harvesting tank, or water storage tank

• No special water filling requirements are necessary

• The tank may be backfilled with suitable native soil. See installation instructions for guidance.