XERXES Water and Wastewater Fiberglass Storage Tanks


Selecting the appropriate water storage tank is essential, and Xerxes fiberglass tanks are an outstanding choice. Known for their durability and corrosion resistance, these tanks are exclusively manufactured in the United States. Ideal for various applications, Xerxes tanks excel in different areas:

  1. Wastewater Storage: These tanks are perfect for industrial wastewater, resistant to chemicals, rust, and corrosion. Xerxes offers a range of fiberglass tanks, customizable to specific project requirements.
  2. Rainwater and Greywater Storage: Ideal for collecting rainwater and greywater, Xerxes tanks are resistant to corrosion and available in multiple sizes, offering an affordable custom tank solution.
  3. Potable Water Storage: For water intended for human consumption, adherence to NSF Standard 61 is crucial. Xerxes tanks not only meet but exceed these standards, with independent lab certifications providing added assurance.
  4. Stormwater Management Systems: To mitigate pollution from stormwater, Xerxes fiberglass underground tanks are a top choice for capturing, detaining, and infiltrating stormwater, outperforming traditional concrete and metal tanks in durability.
  5. Fire Protection: In emergencies, reliable water storage is critical. Xerxes fiberglass tanks, suitable for both aboveground and underground use, offer a dependable solution for fire emergency water storage.

Tanks Direct, a Master Distributor of Xerxes tanks for over a decade, covers a vast service area and offers best-in-class tanks known for their longevity. Contact Tanks Direct for a free custom quote on your next project.