Quick4 Plus All-In-One 8 Endcap

The end cap is designed with cutouts on both right and left sides, suitable for fitting inspection ports, cleanouts, or inlet pipes. This design ensures straightforward access for maintenance and aligns seamlessly when installing pressure pipes through the chamber.

The Quick4 Plus™ All-in-One 8 Endcap can be placed at either end of a chamber row or positioned mid-trench for various purposes like an inspection port, cleanout, or as an inlet/outlet pipe. Its mid-trench installation option facilitates the construction of chamber rows with a central feed, simplifying the setup of serial distribution systems. The end cap’s versatility extends to pipe connection possibilities, offering side, end, or top inletting options.


18″W x 15″L x 8″H
(46 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm)

Installed Length
10.4″ (26 cm)

Invert Height
3.3″ (8 cm), 9″ (23 cm)


• May be used at the end of chamber row for an inlet/outlet or can be installed mid-trench

• Mid-trench connection feature allows center feed inletting of chamber rows

• Center-feed connection allows for easy installation of serial distribution systems

• Variable pipe connection options allow for side, end or top inletting

• Piping drill points are set for gravity or pressure pipe