Quick5 Standard

The Quick5® Standard Chamber is designed for 36” wide trench installations and is suitable for both curved and straight system configurations. It incorporates the patented Contour Swivel Connection™, enabling turns up to 10° in either direction. The chamber’s MultiPort™ endcap facilitates a variety of piping options, reducing the need for additional fittings. With its five-foot length, this chamber provides excellent flexibility for installation.


34″W x 65″L x 12″H
(864 mm x 1651 mm x 305 mm)

Effective Length
60″ (1524 mm)

Louver Height
8″ (203 mm)

Storage Capacity
56.5 gal (215 L)

Invert Height
8″ (203 mm)


• Advanced contouring connections swivel up to 10°, right or left

• Latching mechanism allows for quick installation

• Less chambers needed for faster installation

• Supports wheel loads of 16,000 lbs/axle with 12″ of cover

• Certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)