Quick4 Plus All-In-One Periscope

The Quick4 Plus™ All-in-One Periscope, designed for use with Infiltrator’s Quick4 Plus and Quick4 chamber lines, is an innovative component that fits onto the top of the Quick4 Plus All-in-One Endcap or any Quick4® chamber.

It enables raised invert installations with 180° directional inletting, making it ideal for serial applications where a raised inlet is required. This product is specifically engineered to enhance the functionality of Infiltrator’s septic system chambers by providing versatile and effective installation options.


5″W x 9″L x 6″H
(12 cm x 23 cm x 15 cm)

Invert Height
9″ (23 cm) with the Quick4 Plus All-in-One 8 Endcap
13″ (33 cm) with the Quick4 Plus All-in-One 12 Endcap


• Allows for raised invert installations

• 180° directional inletting

• 12″ raised invert is ideal for serial applications