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single family residential home septic system case study
granite bay home septic system case study
granite bay home septic system case study


Single Family Residential Home​​

Septic System Background

This project is a large custom single family residential home remodel, on 2.5 acres in Granite Bay, CA installed by Sustainable Solutions. (SS is a dealer for NG and Presby products based out of Northern CA)

The project single family residential home remodel was challenged by the fact that the necessary septic system had to be replaced with an onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS). Although the home is situated on 2.5 acres, available land is constrained by setback to bordering year-round creek, a large pond, seasonal drainage ditches, public utility and multipurpose easements and an expansive building footprint of +8,500 SF home with significant outdoor living area.

As a result, the options for (OWTS) in the project jurisdiction of Placer County, CA, were limited to engineered or supplemental treatment systems where leach field utilizes a pretreatment media such as Sand Filter, Advantex, or Hoot.

Initially, the Hoot system proved to be the alternative treatment system with a design that would work on the site allowing the project to move thru planning, permitting and development, however was not ideal. Through some additional research for engineered supplemental treatment systems, Sustainable Solutions found the Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) system by Presby Environmental, Inc. based out of Whitefield, New Hampshire. With a 20+ year track record of successful systems with superior treatment benefits and its significantly smaller treatment bed area, we thought this could be a viable alternative for this project. Consequently, Sustainable Solutions met with Presby and with the help of a veteran of the State of CA Water Board, Bob Crandall, Placer County agreed to investigate the merits of Presby’s AES for use as OWTS. After nearly a year of extensive analysis, Placer County approved AES as a Supplemental Treatment System in June 2017.

Septic System Solution

Sustainable Solutions achieved certification from Presby for design and installation of their AES system and successfully designed a (OWTS) located upgradient of the home within a small system sand bed area of less than 800 SF situated among several clusters of Oak trees, between the home and a side property access drive. Also near a seasonal creek, that was preferential to the Hoot System that required a treatment area nearly three times the footprint within the front yard landscape area.

The client, homeowner, was delighted with the alternate location, the cost savings over the Hoot system and most importantly the benefit of minimal operations and maintenance requirements. Unlike other septic systems, the AES product doesn’t rely on the underlying soil, moving parts, or chemical additives to treat the wastewater effluent.

Instead, the water treatment process takes place passively inside the pipe utilizing a living breathing “aerobic” bacterial ecosystem enhanced by oxygen venting thru the AES pipe network. With no moving parts, electricity or chemicals, this wastewater treatment solution is safer, easier, and less expensive to install and operate over time and furthermore mitigates the environmental impacts of all other On-Site Wastewater Treatment systems economically available in today’s residential and commercial projects. This is a sustainable solution for projects in the State of California with strict water quality regulations, requirements, and the benefit of returning clean water into the ground to recharge the groundwater aquifers in a the traditionally drought impacted region of the west coast.

NexGen Septics LLC, California’s exclusive dealer of Presby’s AES and a Presby Environmental, Inc. representative, organized a “hands-on” presentation to showcase the septic system solution. Presentation guests included Environmental Health Specialists from several nearby Northern California communities, engineers, contractors, and surrounding homeowners. The universal response from those attending the presentation and teaching event was “Why would anyone install anything besides a Presby”?

Project Stats

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